Industrial Control Systems

Only Authorised devices/people will be able to access your Raspberry Pi, turn your connected devices on/off, take control over your system, or extract information about your home/office/industry telemetry


Data stored into PiSec's SD card will be accessible only to those authorised by the Raspberry Pi (with PISEC) based on the unique PiSec's ID and on an exclusive hardware-generated key.

Software Licenses Control

Your software should be protected against unauthorised copy, unauthorised execution, and other piracy activities. You need to avoid software execution on unlicensed Raspberry Pis.

NAS Server

Configure your NAS server connecting to external USB disks, encrypt their content, and set up who can access it and where from.

Encrypted cloud connector

Your files can be securely uploaded to and stored in your favourite cloud (Dropbox, Drive, etc.). PiSec will protect those files against unauthorised access and deliver the content only to authorised devices.


Don't trust external e-mail servers. Install your own secure mail server and send encrypted messages to the outside world. They will be decrypted and read only by authorised PiSec/people.