Why secure your Raspberry Pi?

Clearly RBPi is an excellent and flexible device to make business, but it is also clear that is not secure enough.


Raspberry Pi is an excellent computer on a single board. It also has superb characteristics to be used as a computer embedded into more complex devices or to be used as standalone computer.


You can use it to collect, store, and transfer data, but these bytes are always handled in clear text.

There are several scenarios where you can use this small & powerful computer:

  • Standalone PC as a storage system.
  • Standalone PC as a data logger..
  • Standalone PC with licensed software.
  • Embedded device to control complex machines/systems.
  • Standalone server.

Very powerful and flexible, indeed! But …

  • What happens if someone steals your NAS disks, your SD card, or your USB drive?
  • What happens if someone sniffs the sensors' or actuators' communication lines and steals your telemetry?

Can you afford to expose your data? Or …

How many sales will you lose if your embedded app is copied out?

  • Worst-case scenario: since RBPi is easily available, all your products can be replicated by your competitor.
  • Even worse: what if a system mimics one of your authorized machines? (Man in the Middle attack).

… Can you afford to lose your business?